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extension#07 Lecture-Performance
extension#07 Lecture-Performance

A.I.R extension#07 Lecture-Performance

This extension explores the format of a ‘lecture’ to represent the artists’ domestic space. In our lectures, we invite different ‘guests’
whose occupations and point of view are linked to our research on the mediation of architecture.
The lecture presents a written out scenario that unfolds on a screen in front of the audience. The presence of the public and the space where the lecture takes place are integrated in the scenario. The scenario describes a guest who is invited to the artists house and who is consequently driving over to the house in his car while listening to an interview on the radio. The audience is listening in on a guided tour by Le Corbusier in his private apartment in Paris. After the guest has arrived at the artists' home the scenario describes his path through the apartment. Simultaneously the audience is hearing his footsteps taking him from place to place. The audience can only imagine the house connected to what they read in the scenario and what they hear. At a certain point, mingling fiction and reality, the guest dials a number on his mobile phone after which the phone is picked up in the lecture hall by Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans. After the discussion with the guest the scenario refers once more to Le Corbusier, this time talking about signing a building in order to give it artistic protection and value.

Each discussion with a guest explored different aspects of artistic, legal, public-private, architectural, economic questions connected to the domestic space and the guests own field of research or his occupation. Since 2007 we have collaborated with Peter Swinnen (architect/51N4E), Nav Haq (curator), Eric Jooris (lawyer intellectual property). All lectures-performances since 2007:

2007-RE-PRESENTATION, a lecture series curated by Pierre Huyghebaert,
Alexia de Visscher and Dag Boutsen, organisation I.B.A.I. / Recyclart, Brussels (BE).
In collaboration with Vincent Meessen (artist) & Peter Swinnen (architect-51N4E)
Co-produced by Recyclart, produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

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2007-a lecture series curated by Alessandra Swiny and Christodoulos Panayiotou, Intercollege, Nicosia (CY)
In collaboraton with Peter Swinnen (51N4E)
Co-produced by Intercollege, Nicosia (CY), produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

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2007- PIST///Walk was a lecture series organised by PIST, Istanbul(TR)
PiST///Walk03 was a lecture-performance and artist walk to Florya Marine Pavilion, Istanbul
In collaboration with Peter Swinnen (51N4E)
Co-produced by PIST, Istanbul, produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

2008- RE:VISIE, a lecture series organized on the occasion of Nederlands filmfestival, Utrecht (NL)
In collaboration with Nav Haq (curator)
Co-produced by Nederlands filmfestival, produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

2008- Les mardis de l’art, a lecture series organized by Casino luxembourg (LU)
In collaboration with Nav Haq
Co-produced by Casino Luxembourg, produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

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2009-a lecture organised on the occasion of the solo show The Good Life at Arnolfini, Bristol (UK)
In collaboration with Eric Jooris (lawyer)
Co-produced by Arnolfini, produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw

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