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extension#06 piano nobile
extension#06 piano nobileextension#06 piano nobileextension#06 piano nobileextension#06 piano nobileextension#06 piano nobile

A.I.R  extension #06 piano nobile

The installation was developed site-specific for a former shop display in Geneva. The installation refers to the idea of an exhibition pavilion. It consisted of an open, unfinished structure with a horizontal ‘Corbusean’ “window” on one side, for which mirrors were used. A double synchronized video projection was directed towards the mirrors that reflected the images onto a horizontal detached surface on the opposite side of the space, thus generating a wall-sized image (5 by 1,8m). The installed floor-piece was slightly elevated, and incorporated a bench. Both were covered with floor carpet. Mirroring, transparency and reflection are important characteristics of the installation. 
The double video shows a hybrid space consisting of images of a modernist pavilion in Istanbul - commissioned by Ataturk (built by Seyfi Arkan in 1935) and of the artist's loft space. Both spaces seem to be under construction/in restoration. The hybrid space in the film is a mediated space consisting of many realities. Every image in the film is a construction: the shifting images remind you of turning the pages in a book or magazine. The video represents both domestic edifices as public showcases. All the images have been re-projected and re-filmed, cut in another composition… the images degrading until they look like found footage. Even digital faults have been appropriated, further contributing to the flaking of the image…
A.I.R extension#06 was developed in preparation of the artists’ participation in the 10th Istanbul Biennial.

click here to watch the full length video on Vimeo

A.I.R extension # 06 (2007)

Video installation - Double projection 12’ looped, color, no sound, dimension:variable (room-sized), 
metal, wood, carpet, mirror, plexi

Presented at Piano Nobile, Geneva, 2007
Supported by Flemish Community
Co-produced by Piano Nobile
Produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw