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extension#01 loft living
extension#01 loft livingextension#01 loft livingextension#01 loft livingextension#01 loft livingextension#01 loft livingextension#01 loft living

A.I.R extension #01 loft living

is an installation that integrated a metal and wooden construction and two video projections. Although using video footage of the refurbishment of their loft, the artists never show a direct image of the spaces. The spaces of the building are revealed through translations of the imagery to other media. They selected a series
of stills from the video footage, to be re-shot combined with projections of quotations from lifestyle, design and architecture magazines. These excerpts promote loft living as the ideal format to fulfil desires related to identity, status, freedom …
Both projections reveal a manifest temporal dimension. It looks as if the spaces fold and unfold, appearing and disappearing in front of the visitor. It feels almost like paging a magazine, filled with architectural reveries, a sensation that was underlined by the art fair context in which the work was presented.

A.I.R extension #01 (2006)
Video installation - Double projection 17’ looped – color, no sound,
module (2.4 x 2.4 x 2 m) – metal, wood, paper, mirror, plexi
Presented as a one-man show at ART Brussels, 2006
Produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw, co-produced by former Koraalberg Art Gallery.