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The second edition of In-Residence Magazine was published on the occasion of the production of Vermeir & Heiremans' new video work Masquerade. This glossy faux-lifestyle magazine focuses on the concept of value in the worlds of finance and contemporary art. Andrea Phillips co-edited a section of In-Residence Magazine #02. This section was dedicated to the outcome of Reading Room #02, a workshop on Art & Value that was conducted at the artists home.

Next to the artists own research, the magazine offers commissioned interviews and articles by guest writers Andrea Phillips, Akseli Virtanen, Alain Servais, Anna Manubens, Michel Feher, Benjamin Fallon, David Bassens, Till-Holger Borchert, Ciel Grommen, Dieter Lesage, Eleanor Duffin, Els Silvrants-Barclay, Eric Corijn, Fabian Bocart, Florence Cheval, James Murray, Jan Ritsema, Michael De Lausnay, Kuba Szreder, Gregory Sholette, Aleksi Kukuljevic, Susanne Neubauer, Ulrike Schaede, Tom Trevor, Zachary Formwalt, Mi You and Nav Haq. The magazine was designed by Salome Schmuki.

In-Residence Magazine #02 was inaugurated at WIELS, Brussels on Friday 19 June 2015 with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Andrea Phillips (Goldsmiths, London). She gave a talk about Art & Value, addressing the question if and how contemporary art and the world of finance are mirroring worlds, and if this is expressive of the way contemporary art value is created today.

In-Residence Magazine #02 is an autonomous artist publication, and is also presented as a part of the video installation version of Masquerade (2015)

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In-Residence Magazine

(Art House Index Issue)

Spring 2015

with Limited Edition Cover

Language: English

Editors: Vermeir & Heiremans

Editorial Assistants: Eleanor Duffin, Katrien Reist

Proof Readers: Erik Empson, Alain Ayers

Graphic Design: Salome Schmuki

Photographs: Michael De Lausnay, Zachary Formwalt, Ciel Grommen, Luc Hollevoet, Vermeir & Heiremans, Ina Wudtke,

Contributors: David Bassens, Fabian Bocart, Till-Holger Borchert, Florence Cheval, Eric Corijn, Benjamin Fallon, Michel Feher, Zachary Formwalt, Frank Goodman, Ciel Grommen, Nav Haq, Alexi Kukuljevic, Dieter Lesage, Anna Manubens, James M. Murray, Susanne Neubauer, Andrea Phillips, Jan Ritsema, Ulrike Schaede, Salome Schmuki, Alain Servais, Gregory Sholette, Els Silvrants-Barclay, Kuba Szreder, Tom Trevor, Vermeir & Heiremans, Akseli Virtanen, Mi You.

Edition750 copies

Format220 x 330mm

Paper Cover8 p / 150 g/m2 – Maco mat HV + gloss UV varnish

Paper Inside112 p / 80 g/m2 – My Sol white

Folder insert8 p / 90 g/m2 – My Sol white



Printing Parysprinting, Evergem

Executive ProductionJUBILEE vzw

Produced & PublishedLIMITED EDITIONS vzw

Copyright the artists, authors and co-authors

Copyright Limited Editions vzw

ISBN 9789081914710