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extension#14 artist impressions
extension#14 artist impressionsextension#14 artist impressionsextension#14 artist impressionsextension#14 artist impressionsextension#14 artist impressions

A.I.R extension #14 artist impressions

In 2008 the artists were commissioned to develop a new project for the Arnolfini Art Center in Bristol. They proposed a future scenario where the Arnolfini is selling off its building to be transformed into luxury apartments. The artists initiated a unique collaboration between the Arnolfini and the renowned Brussels based office for architecture 51N4E to create a new design for the Arnolfini building. Collaborating with the architects, a concept was created that eloquently framed 51N4E’s radical architecture. This all-embracing proposal was named THE GOOD LIFE. 51N4E designed an iconic tower for the Bristol skyline. Its amenities were labeled 'The Good Life Collection'. The collection included an English landscape garden, a spa inspired on the Byzantine cisterns in Istanbul and a lobby that had to have the feel of a cutting edge art gallery. A series of artists impressions were developed to visualize the architectural proposal. They were later shown within The Good Life project at Arnolfini and printed inside a real estate leaflet to promote the new development.

A.I.R extension #14 artists impressions (2008)
photographic paper on aluminum, size variable
produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw