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extension#13 the proposal
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A.I.R extension#13 the proposal

A.I.R extension#13 (the proposal) was a proposal for an art integration contest for a building in Brussels. But in stead of intending to realize the proposed spatial intervention in 3D (in case Vermeir & Heiremans would be awarded the commission) it would be realized as an elaborate ‘proposal’ in 2D. This means the integration project would consist of a publication, a video-installation and an official document from a notary. The video would document the process of developing the proposed spatial intervention, meaning the necessary steps to be taken in order to build it, without ever building it. In the video would feature a talk with an engineer, a meeting with the architect of the building, the person responsible for security, the notary, the making of a contract with the people giving the commission, a building permit, the making of a model, artist’s impressions, a 3D digitally constructed guided tour in the proposed intervention etc…

For this ‘intervention’ Vermeir & Heiremans were inspired by the plans the organizers of the contest had, to start an artist residency on the spot. The intervention they described consisted of a glass pavilion on top of a concrete lift shaft, which provided a beautiful view on Brussels, but was inaccessible. For Vermeir & Heiremans it was a pure space, a virtual artist in residency. The view would be only visible through the mediation of a camera and a monitor. They saw this pure space as an extension of their own habitat, even never build, it would be a mental extension. A notary would be asked to prepare the necessary papers to keep the property rights of the interior space, whereas the exterior would be the property of the Flemish Community. This pavilion or penthouse would mean a surplus value as an extension in square meters of their house, but makes the idea absurd, since it is not accessible, and since in the end it will exist only as a mediated, virtual space. What is the case, is that the pavilion can only be shown to the public or used in a mediated form, as a film image, as a film still, as an official document of a notary, as a written text about it in a magazine or newspaper, on the internet etc…the exhibition value of the intervention is confronted with the use value of the place. It also shows its potential for the speculative use of virtual space. Since the proposal was not selected, the work now exists as a proposal for a proposal.

Portfolio with proposal for art integration project