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extension#11 dream house
extension#11 dream houseextension#11 dream houseextension#11 dream houseextension#11 dream house

A.I.R  extension #11 dream house

The Photomontage Series is conceived as a running project, linked to the artists’ international residency practice. The first one was produced as a contribution to the ‘Dream House’ section of the 10th Istanbul Biennial catalogue. For these photo montages the artists sample elements from their temporary environment abroad and their private space in order to improve their window view and the view from their roof garden in Brussels, and by consequence raise the property’s corresponding real estate value. Artist residencies where both artists collaborated on A.I.R projects were Platform Garanti in Istanbul (2006), CEAC in Xiamen (2009/2010) and T.I.M. In Beijing, China (2010).

For their film 'The Residence (a wager for the afterlife)'(2012) the artists made a photomontage of their private space in Hong Kong landscape surroundings. The images became a real estate advertisement within the narrative of the film and within the 'faux' lifestyle magazine 'In-Residence' (2012)

A.I.R extension #11 (2007-...)
Photomontage, photographic paper on aluminum, size variable
Produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw