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extension#03 advertisement
extension#03 advertisementextension#03 advertisement

A.I.R extension#03 advertisement

was part of Generator (2006), a site-specific installation by the artist trio HAP. The HAP project claimed a territory at the exhibition site marking it off with publicity panels. HAP rented out these panels in order to raise money for their project “a house…” to be produced elsewhere on a later occasion.
Vermeir&Heiremans proposed to HAP to hire a panel. 
A.I.R extension#03 is an advertisement for the project website as well as a mediated extension of their domestic space. In the context of the exhibition it also had a special relevance. The former military hospital – the site on which the exhibition took place - was being developed into lofts. This development was accompagnied by real estate advertising for the values of loft living.

A.I.R extension #03 advertisement (2006)

Hand-painted Publicity Panel – wood 108 x 250 cm
Presented at the exhibition 'Freestate', Ostend, 2006
Produced by Ltd.Ed.vzw