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extension#02 placard
extension#02 placardextension#02 placard

A.I.R. extension #02 placard

Is a multiple in the form of a placard. This placard appropriates the artist's own home (and future artist residency spaces) as an A.I.R space. It is also a reinterpretation of the A.I.R. placards artists in 60ies New York had to put on the doors of the abandoned warehouses they appropriated as their studios in order for the firemen to be able to find them. The success of the artists in their studios caused the spreading of a totally new living format, loft living, and its 'values' of freedom and transparency around the world. In the meanwhile the literal meaning of the abbreviation A.I.R. changed to connotate a nomadic and temporary working environment for emerging artists.

A.I.R extension #02 placard

Multiple: A.I.R imprinted on backside of a license plate. Size: 18x14cm. edition of 20.