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Press text, Antony Hudek, A Model for a Quantitative Society in: Spike Art Magazine # 59,Spring 2019

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Press release A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box)-exhibition at Pump House Gallery, London_2018

solo exhibition from 3 October-16 december 2018. Curated by ned McConnell. Read more

Video conversation Vermeir & Heiremans with Hampus Lindwall, Art Brussels, 2018

Talks 2018: on the occasion of the exhibition Mystic Properties, curated by Elena Sorokina at Art Brussels 2018 Read more

Radio R22 Tout Monde: Conference Future Climates: Graduating to Numbers, 2017

Conference held at Kadist, Paris, 23 November 2017 Read more

Press text_Culture & Finance Capital -Goldsmiths, London, 2016

Visual Cultures Public Programme_Series organisers: Louis Moreno & Tom Trevatt. Read more

Niels Van Tomme & Charlotte Van Buylaere: Bucharest Biennale 7: What are we building down there? in HART, 2016

in HART # 156, juni 2016 Read more

Laura Herman: What are we building down there? – Interview with Niels Van Tomme, Interview on Biennial Foundation website, 2016

Interview on the occasion of Bucharest Biennale 7 Read more

Press text: Laura Herman: Bucharest Biennale 7, in Metropolis M, 2016

Biennale curated by Niels Van Tomme Read more

Press text Visceral Blue_exhibition at La Capella, Barcelona, 2016

exhibition curated by Anna Manubens, February 5 to April 17, 2016 Read more

Press release_Subtle Patterns of Capital at Georg Kargl, Vienna 2015

exhibition curated by Barnabás Bencsik at Georg Kargl, 2015 Read more

Press text RealKyoto, Dojima River Biennale 2015 Take Me To The River by Ishitani Haruhiro

Dojima River Biennale 2015 Take Me To The River

by Ishitani Haruhiro

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Press text L'Art Meme, Conte Courant, Vermeir & Heiremans Masquerade by Laurent Courtens

L'Art Meme nr 65, p34, 2e trimestre 2015

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Press text Der Standard, Vienna: Booms, Blasen und das Latte-macchiato-Land by Anne Katrin Feler

Der Standard, 20 May 2015, Vienna

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Press text Flash Art 293, 'Before and after: 13th Istanbul Biennial' by Firat Arapoglu

In Flash Art 293, November-December 2013

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Press text on Istanbul Biennial and other events by Peter Dobey in SFAQ issue 14

 SFAQ issue 14: September-December 2013

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Press text, Blouin Artinfo, 'REVIEW: An Istanbul Biennial Caught Up in History' by Coline Milliard

Published September 23, 2013

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Press text Blouin Artinfo: 'Istanbul Biennial Protests Foreshadowed Battle for Gezi Park'

June 11, 2013

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Press text: Art Review: The Biennial Questionnaire: Bige rer talks to Helen Sumpter

Ahead of the Istanbul Biennial 2013, director Bige rer talks to ArtReview

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Press text NY Arts Magazine, 'Sandbox Democracies' by Alan W. Moore

A review in NY Arts Magazine on the Conference 'Speculating On Change' at CA2M, Madrid, where Art House Index was performed on 19 June 2013.

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Press text Artforum, on 'Public Capital' in Istanbul by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Article in Scene and Herd - 'Public Relations' 22 May 2013

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Press text Artpractical by John Zarobell

John zarobel, documenta(13), Manifesta 9, and the 7th berlin Biennale, Autumn 2012

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Press text De Groene Amsterdammer by Anna Tilroe

Anna Tilroe, Het fatale verlangen naar een beter leven (Manifesta 9), De Groene Amsterdammer, jaargang 136, nr 33, 16 August 2012

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Press images Domus Web, a report by Gabi Scardi

An image of the film The Residence ( a wager of the afterlife) in Domus Web, 22 June 2012.

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Press images - Artishock, Revista de Arte Contemporaneo, a report by Claudia Del Fierro

Images The Residence (a wager for the afterlife) at Manifesta 9: The Deep of the Modern, June 13, 2012

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Press text Art Review by Nav Haq

Future Greats 2012, Originally published in ArtReview issue 57, March 2012.

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Press text HART #92 by Sam Steverlynck

Sam Steverlynck, Een Faustiaans pact met de duivel, HART #92, 9 February 2012

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Press text La Libre Belgique by Claude Lorent

Claude Lorent, L'Art en strategies speculatives in La Libre Belgique, 15/02/2012

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Press text Le Soir by Jean-Marie Wynants

26 March 2012

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Press text L'Art Meme by Collette Dubois

Colette Dubois, Creative Land, L'Art Meme, 54/1, 2012

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Press text Knack Focus by Els Fiers

Els Fiers, Wachten op het hiernamaals, Knack Focus, January 2012

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Press text The Gap, Magazin fur Glamour und Diskurs by Margit Emesz

Margit Emesz, A Good Life? in The Gap, Magazin fur Glamour und Diskurs, Wien, nr 120, October 2011

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Press text KALEIDOSCOPE-Current Account by Nav Haq

NAV HAQ in: Kaleidoscope; Main Theme: Art faces the economy; issue 10, spring 2011 (short fragment)

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Press text ART MONTHLY - The Good Life by Stephen Lee

Text written by Stephen Lee for ART MONTHLY, June 2009 on the occasion of the exhibition 'The Good Life' at ARNOLFINI, Bristol.

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Press text HART - The Good Life of Vermeir & Heiremans by Fatosh Ustek

an article by Fatosh Ustek for HART, 4 June 2009, written on te occasion of the exhibition 'The Good Life' at ARNOLFINI, Bristol.

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Press text Building Design by Pamela Buxton

Pamela Buxton, Bristol's architectural brave new world? in Building Design, 03 april 2009

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Press text-Piano Nobile, Geneve by Maryline Billod

Katleen Vermeir et Ronny Heiremans developpent depuis deux ans le projet A.I.R (Artist in Residence) dont la denomination refere aux enseignes fixees au-dessus des entrees des espaces industriels de SOHO investis par les artistes dans les annees soixante a New York. (2007)

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