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The Good Life in 'Das Gute Leben' at Neues Atelierhaus Panzerhalle, Potsdam

The concept of 'the good life' has captured imaginations since ancient times – since human existence ceased to be driven solely by survival and began to be characterised by civilisation and reflection, too. – In Potsdam, where this project is taking place, the 'good life' frequently feels close enough to touch. With 'blossoming landscapes', palaces and parks, the city is enjoying increasing popularity and a seemingly higher quality of life than many of its neighbours. It's also here that the aspirations of many for private fortune have brought about a complex web of changes: the renovation of declining urban areas is often followed by gentrification and ultimately by the displacement of the previous inhabitants.

THE GOOD LIFE builds on the 2014 project FASZINATION UND FASSADE, which examined the architectural transformation of the city and the lack of spaces for contemporary art. First and foremost, DAS GUTE LEBEN concerns itself with exploring people - and people's relationship to the environment in which they live. In doing so, the exhibition moves beyond local contexts and addresses social, sensual and ethical themes of 'being' on a broader level. These themes include: life in the city – between sustainability and gentrification; survival, nomadism, migration; contemporary existence; money for all – basic income and luxury living. In contrast to the previous project, which took place entirely outdoors, THE GOOD LIFE brings life to various different spaces: a park, the city canal, a private house and the gallery belonging to Potsdam's Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) at the Alter Markt (demolition planned for 2017).

THE GOOD LIFE presents works from regional and international artists, with numerous newly created works forming a dialogue with selected historical pieces from the 1960s onwards. Discussions and interviews will take place alongside the exhibition and will feature the voices of sociologists, philosophers, cultural scholars and artists. A publication will be released in December.

Artists: Julia Antonia (DE), Bellini Academy (FI), Silvia Klara Breitwieser (DE), Birgit Cauer (DE), Katrin von Lehmann (DE), Jackson Mac Low (US), Timea Anita Oravecz (HU/DE), Reiner Maria Matysik (DE), Sandra Riche (FR/DE), Corinna Schnitt (DE), Bettina Schilling (DE), Bettina Semmer (DE)/Federico Guzmán (ES), Tamás St.Turba (HU), Anna Werkmeister (DE), Cécile Wesolowski (FR/DE), Ilse Winckler (DE), Vermeir & Heiremans (BE)

Curator: Petra Stegmann

venues: Alter Markt, Stadtkanal, Filmmuseum Potsdam
Gregor-Mendel-Str. 34, 14469 Potsdam
Fachhochschule Potsdam, Galerie im 1. Stock, Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 7, 14467 Potsdam

Cooperation partners: Fachhochschule Potsdam, Filmmuseum Potsdam, Einstein Forum, Potsdam Museum
Supporter: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg; Stadt Potsdam