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The Good Life (a guided tour) on view in: Double or Nothing, 51N4E Architects at Bozar Brussels.

For their retrospective exhibition 'Double or nothing', 51N4E Architects have invited Dominique Boudet, éminence grise of French architecture, to take a critical look at 51N4E's work from a philosophical point of view. Boudet examines earliest sketches as well as recent projects, both in Belgium and abroad. One of the 27 presented projects is an architectural proposal for the Arnolfini Art Centre in Bristol. In the seventies Arnolfini was one of the first regeneration projects in the former inner harbourside of Bristol. Since then the area is one of the most popular recreation zones in England. The clients who commissioned the proposal were rather unusual: Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans, two artists who wanted to investigate the inextricable relationship between institutions of contemporary art and the wider structure of the economy, harnessed today by the 'creative class'.  The architectural model and the artist impressions were used in their exhibition 'The Good Life'. This art work is a speculative scenario in which the Arnolfini building is sold and transformed into an over the top luxurious collage of urban regeneration.