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LOOP Video Art Fair Barcelona

The Good Life (a guided tour) (2009)

A film by Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans

The Good Life (a guided tour) is a meditation on the inextricable relationship between institutions of contemporary art and the wider structure of the economy, harnessed today by the 'creative class'. The video takes the form of a guided tour around an unspecified contemporary institution, in a future scenario where it is selling off its building to be transformed into luxury apartments. The depicted institution-itself an uncanny 'collage' of four existing major European institutions-, is utilizing its assets, promising major regeneration to its host city. (Nav Haq, curator Arnolfini)

solo presentation with Koraalberg Gallery at LOOP Video Art Fair 2010

20-22 MAY
Hotel Catalonia Ramblas
C/ Pelai, 28 | 08001 Barcelona

LOOP FAIR is the first fair devoted to video and film. 40 international galleries selected by a committee of specialists participate in the fair and exhibit their new pieces. Ever since its first edition LOOP FAIR have taken place in a downtown hotel in Barcelona, offering both an intimate and exclusive space to the video art work and the viewer.