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A guided tour/part1 & 2

Rather than talking ‘about’ their work Vermeir&Heiremans explore the format of a ‘lecture’ as a means to represent architecture, and more specific, their own domestic space. In their lectures, they invite different ‘guests’ whose occupations and point of view are linked to their research on the mediation of architecture. This person takes the audience on a guided tour through the artist’s habitat, from the basement all the way up to the roof garden, taking Le Corbusier’s ‘promenade architectural’ as his inspiration for a mediated live-conversation over the telephone.

Since 2006 Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans have been developing A.I.R as a series of mediated extensions of their habitat. For this upcoming lecture they invited Nav Haq (exhibition curator at the Arnolfini in Bristol, UK) as a guest in their home.

Lecture/performance - Vermeir&Heiremans featuring Nav Haq Part 1: RE:VISIE, Nederlands Filmfestival, Utrecht (NL), September 28th, 2008 Part 2: Les mardis de l’art, Casino Luxembourg (LU), December 2nd, 2008. English spoken.